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A little story
Once upon a time, a nice and loving couple, who retired at an early age, decided to build a place where they can live the rest of their lives in peace and quiet and surrounded by the beauty of nature. The man loves the ocean and the beach and so does his loving wife. And so it happened, their dream home was built, in a little village called Sawang, along a beautiful stretch of beach and far from the glitters of city life they had known for most of their lives. The happy couple who lovingly called each other “Honey” since they became man and wife many, many years ago, jokingly called their little paradise “Honey Beach”. After a while, the couple, who by nature, loves to be with people & meet new friends, longed to share their

place with others. Thus, Honey Beach was opened to the public. People from far and near came and they liked what they saw. As people come, the couple makes new friends and so now, they hope to live happily ever after.

An exciting getaway!
Upon reachng Honey Beach, guests will be greeted by the majestic overlooking view of the blue sea and the refreshing landscape of flowers and greens. Walking further down the steps and into the cottages and rooms, each corner evokes ease and comfort, which is felt in the way every detail of the resort was put together like a beautiful masterpiece. Fronting a marine sanctuary that spans two kilometers of guarded sea coral garden and Isla Verde, the resort boasts of a sophisticated architectural composition that combines American and native-inspired themes. For the main house, metal beams, wooden planks and glass created an open appeal similar to typical American beach house. Meanwhile, the two separate cottages assume a more laid back aura with its kubo or nipa hut inspired design, which makes use of bamboo and other indigeneous materials. These themes are accessorized by customized wooden sofa, bamboo chairs and beds, colorful weave rags and throw pillows, native jars, candleholders, and many others. So why wait? Treat yourself a relaxing getaway! Right now!

Featured in Travel & Leisure Magazine "Beaches of the Philippines 2nd ed."
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